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Thanks for the history. This truly is a great boot for the money!

I am always buying boots and your service has been wonderful! You have

a long time customer from now on!

Thanks Guy!

Dawn, Valley Village, CA
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Just wanted to let you know I received my boots. They fit great. I love them.

I will be passing your site along to others for sure.



Sue, Southwick, MA

Guy---Boots made it here yesterday, just in time for Christmas---Thanks so
much for your help---Will be looking to you guys in the future for boot
orders---Thanks again---Happy Holidays---


Bekah, Florida

Thank you for your quick response...yes I'm sure I need a 5. Thanks again Virginia

Virginia, Alameda, CA


Thanks very much for your help and quick attention. I really appreciate it.


Andrew, Blacksburg, VA

Woo hoo thanks for all your help

Brittani, Orlando, FL

Thank you for keeping me updated!!! I will definitely recommend your

store to others because I have tried ordering these boots before and

they must be a hot item because they have been sold out before, but when

I tried ordering them before the store just cancelled without calling.

Brittany, Hillsdale, MI


Thank you very much and thanks again for the wonderful customer service.



Bryan, Alcoa, TN

Guy: I'm very impressed with your customer service. I'm going to share

your information with my daughter - these boots are for her. I will get

back to you with regard to her response.

Candy, Parkersburg, IA

Will definitely keep Lone Star in mind. Thank you!


Candy, Parkersburg, IA

Ho ho ho! That's great to hear!! Thanks again for your help and advice! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Cindy, Hotsprings, AR

Hello Guy,

Great! I'm glad they got there ok. You're services and help have been truly outstanding, thank you very much! We're looking forward to the new boots!

Thanks again,


Jessica, Tilbury, Ontario

You're great at responding! Ok, USPS sounds like the way to go, if USPS has an expedited or quicker option that isn't $120. I would be willing to pay the difference.

You can reach me through email.

Thanks again!

Jessica, Tilbury, Ontario

Thank you so much! Will keep my fingers crossed!


P.s. Very quick response! Great service!

Jessica, Tilbury, Ontario

Hi Guy, Thank you!! I am very thankful for your time and patience with my order! Will definitely buy again! You've been great!

Thanks again,


Jessica, Tilbury, Ontario

Thank You ! Very Much, I love these wallets and you guys have the best selection and prices, I will probably end up ordering the other also, thanks again

David, Hesperia, CA


I got the boots today, they look great. Thanks again. I wanted to ask you

another question, is it possible to send my other pair back to Justin for

resoling? local boot shops never do it as good as the factory.


David, Hesperia, CA

Great, thanks for the heads up. Thank you again for helping me get these.

I appreciate your help. I will recommend you to others.


David, Hesperia, CA

Guy: Thanks so much for your honesty and helpful suggestions. We have put

this information to our 25 year old daughter for whom these boots were to

be a Christmas present - that she has had a lot of input in. She looked at

the links for the other boots

David, Lynchburg, VA

Thanks again for your herculean efforts - she had already tried the boot on

at a local boot store here (who no longer has them in stock) and 9 is the

right size. I think I may have found one at a store in PA. But again,

really impressed with your customer service.

David, Lynchburg, VA

Thanks again, still very impressed with you. Regarding PA, they say that

computer inventory shows 2 pairs, but its not accurate when it gets that

low so they'll let me know in a couple of days!


David, Lynchburg, VA

Hi Guy,

Great, can't wait to get them, thanks for all your help.


Debbie, Nova Scotia

Hi Guy,

Received the boots yesterday, the 14th. The boots are beautiful, exactly what I was expecting. Didn't take too long.

Very glad I took the chance and ordered them from your store, will definitely let everyone know where I got them and will certainly recommend to others.


Debbie, Nova Scotia

Good evening, I have just received my boots, they are magnificent and especially untraceable in France (big problem of import!) they are as I imagined them and the size is impeccable.je still like has to thank you for your "courage" for exporting and pricing.

Dominique, France


Just received the boots and they fit like they were made for me. You

were right a 5 fitted perfectly! Do you have in any other color? Let

me know, I would like another pair!

Elizabeth, Valley Village, CA

Thanks for the history. This truly is a great boot for the money!

I am always buying boots and your service has been wonderful! You have

a long time customer from now on!

Thanks Guy!

Dawn, Valley Village, CA

Hello Guy,

Thanks for the follow up. Yes, please go ahead and capture the funds to express the order.


Darla, Carrollton, TX

GOT IT!......thanks so much! happy to see my boots are on the way! just was a little worried, need them for a photo shoot coming up soon! thanks again!

Erin, Hommosassa, FL

Good afternoon Guy,

That sounds great! Yes, please proceed with the order. I really appreciate

you going the extra mile for me! Thanks again for the help.

Kind regards,


Frank, Tucson, AZ

I really appreciate your prompt response. Size 9 is my boot size so I don't think the 8.5 will work. Please just let me know if they will have more in stock. Thank you very much


Tracy, USA

I will let you know thanks for all your help

Greg, Dandridge, TN


Here is the information on the boots I am returning. I wrapped them in their

original box and put that box into another box. Thanks for all your help!


Greg, Dandridge, TN

Thank you! And I got the replacement boots too. They fit me better thanks again

Ivonne, USA

Thank you that is exactly what I wanted :-) I will email you tracking info in 2nd email

Ivonne, USA

Thanks Guy, greatly appreciate the note. I have given the hotel a

heads up. If you can send me the FedEx tracking number I can send

that to the hotel as well.



James, Lakefield, Ontario

Thanks for the customer service Guy! We'll look you up when we are in Moab someday (I'm a Jeeper).



John, USA

Thanks Guy,

Pleasure doing business with you!


John, USA

Thanks so much Guy! The refund appeared in my account today. Thanks!

Jodi, Carnegie, PA

Okay thank you so much! I definitely plan to order from your company

again. The quality of the product and your customer service has been wonderful!

Thanks again!

Jodi, Carnegie, PA

That's great news!

Thanks so much for your help and many kudos to you - your customer

service is impeccable/hard to match...very much appreciated!


Jennifer, Bennett, CO

Hi Guy,

I give up, the crowd that I ordered the other boot from just came back and

said they don't have it in my size, after saying they did! And you have

been so helpful and given me such good customer service and I really

appreciate your offer of finding the other boot from another dealer. Above and beyond the call.

Thank you


Jennifer, Ireland

Well I really do appreciate good customer service. I think it can get lost

sometime these days with some people. I look forward to getting these two

pairs of boots from you and to repeat business in the future!

Have a great weekend! Jen.

Jennifer, Ireland

Well Sir, you are sure living up to your name! Thank you so much for going

to all this trouble for me. I really do appreciate it. You have really gone

above and beyond to fill this order!! There are many, in actual fact I

would say most, that just would not give the effort. Keep up the good work.

Jennifer, Ireland

Go with $65 for shipping Guy, And thank you once again for all your hard work

Jennifer, Ireland

Guy, the boots arrived today and we absolutely love them!! Thank you so

much for all your hard work. The red boots were worth it because they

are stunning and so very comfortable.

Thank you again and God bless,


Jennifer, Ireland

Thank you Guy, I can't wait to get them! I almost feel like I'm getting

a custom pair of boots since this pair are so hard to get a hold of!!


I will be sure to let you know when I get them and I will be sure doing

business with you again



Jennifer, Ireland

Oh thanks so much Guy! I am not worried about the box...I'm not going to

wear the box LOL!!! Thank you for all your hard work. I will certainly put

business your way in the future. In fact I've spotted another pair of boots

that I like, but it will be a bit before I order.


Jennifer, Ireland

Dear Guy. I receive my boots today . They are indeed very cool and l like them very much. I would like to thank you deeply . I am very please how things turn out . Once again thank you very much for your service . I will be looking forward to do business.

Jose, Coamo, Puerto Rico

Hi Guy,

Just letting you know that the boots and belt arrived just fine. I love them both, and you were absolutely right about the boot size - they fit perfectly. Any boots I buy going forward will be through you!

Thanks again,


John, Glendale, CA

Yep sounds good, Thanks for the call, its nice to have real customer service!


Jutin, Zionsville, PA

Hi Guy

My boots arrived today and just as beautiful as I expected.

Thanks for all your help.


Kathie, Peterborough, Ontario

Hi Guy,

Received my boots today!  Thanks for the great customer service - I will order again!

Best regards,


Kelly, Stanley, NM

Thanks Guy! My previous emails to you were kicked back. Wanted to thank you for personally responding about my order and updates. I will be ordering again from you. Best regards,

Kelly, Stanley, NM

How exciting! Thanks for letting me know.


Lindsey, Anchorage, AK

Hello Guy,

Thanks for your email. Your service has been really good and very helpful.

Can we please order the 9.5EE Justin 2553 boots. We are happy to wait to get

the right size boot from you.

Looking forward to doing future orders.


Lauralea, Australia


Rebecca, Holualoa, HI

Perfect. Thank you and once again I appreciate your always timely

customer service.


Matt, Moses Lake, WA

Just wanted to say thanks for the sizing help-you were right, the 1/2 size down was a perfect fit and my daughter loved them for Christmas!

Thank You

Michelle, USA

Thanks for the great customer service!

Michelle, USA

Thanks for all your help. The boots arrived today. We will be using your services in the future.

Mary & Larry

Mary, USA

Thanks, they arrived today and I am very happy. I appreciate you taking the time on that Saturday to take my order. I will be doing business with you in the future. Thanks again,


Mary, USA

YAY! Yes I did, thank you so much!!


Sarah, Willows, CA

You made it very easy

I will keep your contact for our next purchases

Thanks again

Patrick, McKinney, TX


So excited!!!!

Deana, Franklin, IN

Yes Guy we would like for you to go ahead and

order the 3.5 in the black boot. I will ship

these back to you tomorrow or Thursday.

Thank you so much for your help on this.....


Deana, Franklin, IN

Your follow up is incredible!!! Thank you!

Deana, Franklin, IN

I did receive the email and yes we would like to still order them.  I hope that I didn't wait too long.

Sandy, Poplar Bluff, MO


Thanks so much for your email. It was so nice that you took the time for such personal service. I was hoping to get these before I leave for a trip next week on Fri morning. I guess they might not make it. :(

Denise, Port Saint Lucie, FL

That is awesome news! Thanks a million and Merry Christmas!!


Sara, Hunlock Creek, PA

Glad we talked too. I told my wife I would like to meet you someday! I looked at the boot again and I really like it. I could care less about the top leather color anything would work except PINK! Hook me up. I am anxious to get them. I will be purchasing again from you some day and recommend your site to others because of the way you keep in touch and work to get me what I want.


Randy, Ardmore, OK


Thanks for all your help. Due to the fact that you are having to order the boots I wanted to confirm that I ordered a size 11D. If you could let me know when you get a chance I would really appreciate it.

Thanks again,


Rob, Houston, TX

I can't say enough great things about my experience ordering from Lone Star Boots. Not only did I research prices on the web looking and here finding the best price, but also the best service.
Thank You

Denise, USA

Guy, thank YOU for the follow-up. We decided to order the boots via another Internet company. We will receive them before the date needed. Thanks again for your interest in our order... We'll try again!

Susan, Grosse Ile, MI

Hi: I ordered the boots from you! hopefully they work and thanks

for your communication, I really appreciate it!


New Germany, MN

Kelly, New Germany, MN

Mr. Agee,

I appreciate your Quick Responses, I really really want these boots as a Christmas Gift and they will actually be from her boyfriend and I as we are halving the expense…. Let me speak with him, If I cannot get these boots somewhere else fastest will for sure order thru you.

Cendi, Paris, TN


I appreciate the quick response, it honestly has nothing to do with price, I just double ordered the same product. I will tell you though that I will absolutely be ordering from your store in the future. I'm am truly impressed with the fast customer service.


Scott, Montgomery, IL

The boots showed up today... Just in time, thanks so much for your extra efforts. I'll send the others back next week. Have a very Merry Christmas.


Steve, Philomath, OR

Good Morning Guy,

Thank you so much for your kindness and great customer service. Much


I was not able to get the boots out yet because I am in need of a box

to ship them in. Hopefully tomorrow I will send them, and I will get

you the tracking number.

Stella, USA

Hi, Guy.

We can just put in on backorder if you don't mind. I don’t mind waiting for it.

Thanks for the email. I appreciate it.

Merry Christmas!


Sheila, Apison, TN

Surprise, your boots shipped early


Terry, Athol, ID


Many thanks for doing business with me. Sometimes international orders can

come across as scams or rip-offs, so I appreciate you being cool and for

the price. Fantastic.


Tom, USA

Hey Guy, I talked to my sister and my niece picked a different boot but you don't have her size on the website, so I guess I will try to find them somewhere else. Thanks for all of your help!


Tara, Fairfield, OH


Thank you so much!!  Next time I need to order boots you will be the one I contact!!  You have been a life saver for us!!


Vicki, Kingsport, TN


Thank you so much for your help this evening! I greatly appreciate it. That is another reason why I ordered from you. I wish there were more business owners like you. I will let my daughter know. She was so excited when I told her I placed the order.

Vicki, Kingsport, TN

Thanks, Guy.
I will continue to look as my husband was quite particular about style, toe, color etc...Thanks for the quick update and I will keep your website in my Favorites...Pamela

Pamela, Maricopa, AZ


Thanks for the head's up, but Christmas delivery isn't necessary. I really love your selection; yours is the only store I found that carried that particular item. 

Happy Holidays!

Dee, Calhoun Falls, SC

Hi Guy how are you , do you have a new collection of boots cause I wanna buy 2 more thank you .

Wissam, Beirut, Lebanon

Hi Guy

You're great. Thanks.

It is very friendly from you. It is not important, when the boots come.

The boots are not so urgent. I wait gladly and am pleased, if they are


Thank you


Zora, Switzerland

Happy Easter Guy
The boots arrived and we have already broke them in on a
horse ride. They are beautiful and she is a very happy little

Once again thank you for all you did to help us!
Have a great week!

Deana, Franklin, IN

Thank you , my husband and I are chef/owners of a small restaurant in Denver--we too understand customer service.

Thank you again,


Amy, Denver, CO


That sounds fine with me. Thanks for all the updates. Hard to find good service these days.


Taylor, Jackson, MS

Thanks for the update. I appreciate your diligence. We are fine with the wait.


Beth, Gap, PA

I can't say enough great things about my experience ordering from Lone Star Boots. Not only did I research prices on the web looking and here finding the best price, but I also had personal and professional service getting the boots to me before I left for vacation. Thank you, Guy, for caring so much. You have made a customer extremely happy!


Denise, Port Saint Lucie, FL

Yep sounds good, Thanks for the call, its nice to have real customer service!


Justin, Coopersburg PA

Thank you for the prompt response! I am wearing them in a wedding in June and am happy to hear they will arrive in plenty of time! No need to forward tracking, just wanted to make sure I'd have time, thank you!


Amy, San Diego, CA

Hi Guy,

Thanks for the option. I think it is a little different than what I'd like. Can we go ahead and cancel?

Thank you for the customer service!


Ryan, Billings, MT


Just ordered another pair of the Justin Santa Fe Roper boots in black again. One for riding, one for best. I just love them and love your store!

Hope all is well


Elizabeth, Valley Village, CA

Thanks Guy,

Got them today. So far fit is great.


Randal, Victorville, CA

Thank you for all your help and fast shipping!


Tina, Mexico, MO

I got my boots and love them !! But I don't fit in them very well !! How can I exchange them for a 8 1/2 wide .. The 9 D is to long and to narrow in the toe
Please help :-)


Jonathan, Gorham, ME

Great thank you I will send that today or tomorrow. Thanks again
Wonderful customer service !!!


Jonathan, Gotham, ME


I could not decide on which picture to send you of the kids tonight so I just thought I would share them all! You do not know how happy you made Sarah getting her the boots! She has had so many compliments on them and people ask where we got them! Believe me I tell them about you! Thank you so much for all the help that you gave us! God bless and enjoy the pictures!!

Vicki, Kingsport, TN

Hi Guy. I am so sorry, I just dropped them off a couple hours ago. They are in route back to you. Shoot! Sorry :(

I do want to thank you for your excellent customer service. I appreciate your efforts very much. I am guessing with the service you provide you have a very successful business. I haven't looked yet on your website for a place to leave comments, but I very much would recommend you to anyone.

Thank you again, and I look forward to getting my size 9 boots. :)

Have a great day!


Michelle, Foxboro, WI

Hello Guy.

Boots arrived last Friday and they are great. Thank you.

I would just like to say a big thank you to yourself and the Lone Star Boots store for the fantastic service. We had tried to order these boots from a couple of different stores, once to be told they no longer ship to Australia and twice been told they were out of stock and to try again later. When we came across your store we thought we'd try one last time. Right from the beginning you advised the boots were out of stock but you were willing to send either the next size or place to boots directly on order. We were grateful for your service and the options you gave. Once the boots were on order we always knew what was happening the follow up emails were fantastic. Even though they took a little longer they were worth the wait. A VERY BIG thank you to yourself and the lone star boot store. It's been the best online buying experience, with personal service you really only get in person these days and not online.

Thanks again,

Lauralea, Salisbury Heights,

Yes received them. she will try them on on her birthday (4/25)& I'll let u know if we still need the 9. Thanks! Robbie

Robbie, Ashburn, GA

Good afternoon Guy,

I received the boots today and they look fantastic! Thank you for all of your help in getting them made, and your outstanding customer service! I couldn't be more pleased. Take care.

Thanks again!

Frank, Arizona



Thank you Guy! I'm looking forward to it! Again, thank you for the excellent customer service, I genuinely appreciate it.

Have a great day!

Michelle, Foxboro, WI

Hey Guy,

I got your message about the boots being shipped much earlier than expected. Thanks so much for helping me out with that. I really appreciate the service.



Gabriel, Gotha, FL

I just received the boots. They fit like a glove and arrived fast. Thank you!

Heather, Suginami-ku, TX

Awesome and as long as the order goes to Moses Lake we shouldn't have any problems.
Thanks again Guy, once again your service is like nobody else.

Have a great day,


Matt, Moses Lake, WA

Hello Guy,

The boots were on my step when I came home from work. The right size and color. Worth the wait. Thank you very much.


Lance, Taunton, MA

Thank you for the incredibly fast delivery of my boots. Overnight?

Chris, New Braunfels, TX

Thanks! Finally! Thanks for your amazing patience... Your boots will recommend themselves to all my friends I hope, and I´ll recommend your store.


Anette, Finland

Just thought I'd drop a note back to ya. Received boots, they fit and I love them.
Thanks for all your help.

Toni, Mexico, MO

I sure will, Thank you again, you have been great and a very recommendable company!

Cassie, Redding, CA

Awesome to hear Guy, Thanks so much you have done a wonderful job, I made a good choice buying from Lonestar Boot Store.
Thanks Christon

Christon, London, KY

Good Morning Guy

I am calling to thank you for your fantastic service and attention. My boots arrived in Ontario yesterday and they are just beautiful!

I will be proudly wearing them at a few events we are covering with my newspaper and I know that I will be asked about them, I will be pleased to refer them to you!

Thanks again, I am sure we will be doing business again soon!


Cyndi, Ontario

I can go through the site, which I will do right now!! Thanks sooo much, you have made my day!!!:):)

Lyndsay, Avon, IN

I work for ups so I was thinking... oh, I will just get it from the driver at the hub but Im a blonde sometimes and knew it was fed ex but wasn't thinking, too excited lol!:)
Thanks soooo much! You are absolutely amazing!!

Lindsey, Avon, IN

Hi Guy
This is so exciting. I will call you when they arrive. I cant wait for my nephew to get them. He is very excited

Karla, San Rafael, CA

Thank you so much Guy, I really like the 3rd selection BRL310, could we switch the order to those?

Lisa, Arroyo Grande, CA

Absolutely, I truly appreciate the "extra mile" you have gone and will be happy to recommend your website!!

Lisa, Arroyo Grande, CA

Jipppiiieee! Thanks!


Anette, Finland

Boots are wonderful; thanks for all your help, Guy!


Haley, Nacodoches, TX

They are here!! i am very excited to give them to Dusten

Karla, San Rafael, CA

Thank you Guy for the quick response and of course I will remember
you for future boot purchases. She loves LOVES her boots!!!!


Hi Guy,

Thank you so so much - they are beautiful !!!!

You will definitely see me again

Friendly Regards

Desere, Lusby, MD

I am so excited that these boots finally shipped!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I will probably order the others after I receive these =)!!! Size 7 should work, sorry about the confusion, I received your voice mail, but I am at work so I thought I would just send an email instead! Thank you for everything!!!

Brittany, Hillsdale, MI


Got the boots in today and tried them on, So far i think they are going to be a great fit especially once they conform to my foot and get broken in. They are excellent boots and once again i appreciate the extraordinary efforts you made to make sure they were right and also to make sure the first pair was here on time, you done truly outstanding! my next boots will come from lonestar boot store, thank you.


Christon, London, KY

If you're reading this you are in the right spot for shopping for boots.
The customer service provided here is second to none. Thank you Guy. You went above and beyond.

Casey, Louisburg, KS

Dear Guy,

Thank you so much. We have got the boots. They are simply great. Lara will be very very happy about them.

Kind regards,


Kirsten, Finland

I received my boots
Thanks for the attention to get them from the factory.
I have been without a pair like this since the mid 90's .
Never looked real serious for a pair thru the years, until I used the internet and your store.
I did stop in all the boot stores in Amarillo TX a while back and could not find a pair.
I had given up here in Bakersfield, all though I never asked the locals to try the factory.
Any way the fit is perfect, I love the look and feel.
I will be a return customer. So if you can me down for another pair next 4th of July I will be ordering.


John, Bakersfiels, CA

I received the boots. I love them. Great price and made in the usa. gotta love that. I also love the fact you carry size 11. Thanks again.

Dacia, Bakersfield, CA

Thank you for your attention in helping me. For sending me the boots, buckle the tempo.Parabéns for their excellent work.
Thank you

Alexandra, Brazil

Alexandra, Brazil

OK. They are my 2nd choice but why not. You have been so very helpful and I like the boot so I say let's go with the purchase. Because of this I will shop with you over anyone else. Let's place the order before they phase these out on me.

Thank you so much for making my 1st pair of western boot buying my best experience.


MiMI, Florida

Hello Guy,

the turquoise boots arrived at my home in the Netherlands today.
They are great!
Thanks for the extra effort, kind regards,


Jetske, Netherlands

Received boots yesterday afternoon-perfect fit. Thanks Guy for all your help!!


Jamie, Overbrook, OK

I received the boots this week! Thank you so much for helping me get these boots. The boots are worth the wait.



Daniel, Houston, TX

Thanks Guy, the second pair just arrived.
They're great
Pleasure doing business with you

Have a great weekend, it's finally cooling down here Regards,


Kevin, Prairie Village, KS

Thank you so much for your prompt response and courtesy Guy... you have made this old veterinary technician very happy and I will dance in these boots on my birthday 10-01-12 if they get here in time : - ) and one of those dances will be in your honor : -

Tina, Kingston, GA


Unfortunately I have left, and I've also ordered a pair from elsewhere but thank you for checking up on me! Great customer service.

Many thanks,

Annaliese, Europe

I put the boots in the mail today. I am sad that they didn't work out but I SO appreciate your help. You have EXCELLENT customer service and if I know of anyone looking for boots I will send them your way!

Marianne, Spokan Valley, WA

Hi Guy,

These arrived today and they're great! Thanks so much for working with me and getting them here so fast. Wonderful customer service!

Thanks again,

Erin, Big Spring, TX


Just a short mote to thanks you so much for all your help! And for making the ordering process so very easy over the phone! I am so excited to finally have a pair of Ropers on he way!! Will let you know when they arrive!
Thanks again,

Judy, Xenia, OH


Thank you for all the information and no you didn't bore me with the details. In fact your willingness to follow-up in addition to adding some explanation makes me a satisfied customer with you and your company. I can assure you this will ensure I am a dedicated customer… I love both examples you sent me but as you mentioned same situation. I will keep in touch and continue to order.

Again my thanks…


Dieter, Caldwell, ID

Thank you Guy! I want you to know how much I appreciate your friendly help and expert advice with my phone order. The service you offer is truly outstanding, and my Tony Lama Snakeskin Boots fit perfectly. They are simply awesome, and I'm already recieving compliments, (especially from the Ladies ;) I am now a customer for life and my friends will be calling you too!
Thanks again,
Dave in AZ

Dave, Bullhead, AZ

God bless you for such an amazing turnaround after tony lama directly said the avian flu would probably cause a backup till January. If asked i will tell anyone that ya,ll are the best in the business. Thanks much, D.

ONeill, Dallas, TX

Thank you for the excellent customer service. My order arrived today just as you said. I look forward to doing business with you again. Well done!
College Grove, Tennessee

Garry, College Grove, TN

Hi Guy,
It was very nice talking with you yesterday. I admire your professionalism and follow through. I spoke with my son and he said I should just request a refund for now and maybe you could put us on a list, if you have one, to be notified when they become available again.
Have a great weekend,

Monica, San Francisco, CA

Hello Guy, thank you so much for the quick response and information. I've never seen such quick and helpful customer service before! This is my first boot order with you guys but I can already tell it definitely won't be the last! As far as the boots, I really don't wish to wait in line that long as they are going to be a Christmas present. I noticed that the 8582's looked like the exact same boot just with a different sole color. Is there any way you could get me a pair of the 8582's in 11D for the price of the 5141's? Thank you again.

Jared H.

Jared H., Lohoma, OK

The pair shipped UPS arrived today, and fit well. I will wear them around the house today and make sure, but they seem to be exactly what I was seeking. The Fedex shipment still has not arrived. I will let you know if it ever appears. Many thanks for all of your excellent customer service! If there is any online engines where I can provide a review of your business I would be happy to do so.

Thanks again,

Chris, Tehachapi, CA

Good evening Guy. My boots were delivered this afternoon and after trying them on, I am really excited. These boots fit and feel great!! I also LOVE the color, it's perfect. There is a very small part of me that thinks I may like the other pair you recommended, but not enough to send these back. Thanks again for all your help, fast and efficient service. I am very pleased with the quality of these boots and look forward to wearing them for years to come! Have a safe and happy holiday season!



Mike, Tehachapi, CA

Got it. Boots'll be on their way back to you later today. Thanks again for the great service, Guy. Everyone should run his/her business the way you do!

Deborah, New York, NY

Ah, well. Thanks so much for the Herculean effort. I couldn't have asked for any more from you, or your friends at Tony Lama.

I don't know what other style I would want at this point, but you can be sure that when I find something I want to buy, I will buy it from you.

Thanks again,


Liz, New Orleans, LA


I got them with time to spare! You got my vote for president in 2016.


Randy, Jupiter, FL

Dear Guy I thank, you for your gently answer to me, You are a very special person.
Many kiss for you.


Ursula, Italy


I just received my boots today…!!!! OMG – they are perfect and amazing. Exactly what I wanted when I ordered and can't thank you enough for supporting me and taking care of the problem. Truly one very happy customer. Give me a week and l can talk custom with you.

On another note you had mentioned Tony Lama was not going to be making this style again. Can you tell me what 8's they have of the same style but different colors… please…

Again, thank you…!


Dieter, Caldwell, ID

Just got my boots in today, thank you very much! I'm extremely satisfied with them, I haven't got to wear them much but I put them on to be sure they fit, and there exactly what I wanted. Shipping was very fast and I'm surprised they got here this soon. Thank you for all your help, I would for sure recommend you guys to anybody and would go to you every time. Thanks again for all your help!!

Ronald, Kingdom City, MO

Right now I think I'll wait a little bit before ordering. I just want to let you know that your customer service is EXCELLENT!!

Thank you so much I will keep you in mind for my next purchase!


Leah, Bellport, NY

Woo Hoo!! Thank you Guy! I appreciate all your help!!


Delphine, Irving, TX

Hi Guy, the Tony Lama's were just delivered and the fit great! Thanks for your help and I will be sure to buy from you again.


Bill, Arleta, CA

My Justin boots arrived today and it was well worth the wait and all the effort! They fit like a glove! Thanks again for all of your hard work in tracking them down!


Steve, California

I got the boots and they are outstanding. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate how quickly you shipped them out.

Thanks for an absolutely fantastic buying experience. I will shop again soon and refer others.

Thanks again-


Casey, Logan, IA

Hi Guy,
Just wanted you to know that my boyfriend really liked his boots. We both thought they were very pretty and they fit!
Thank you for everything! I will spread the word!


Delphine, Texas A & M country

Thank you! Great service!


Jason, Millboro, SD

Good enough. Thanks for your help and I'll keep in touch.

Seems like everyone wants to know where I get my boots, I'm happy to give them your website info.

I appreciate your service.


Mike, Lubbock, TX

In the vast wasteland that is the Internet, Guy brings back good, old-fashioned customer service and personality. I was seeking Justin Black Desperados - hard ones to find and emailed Lonestar Boots late on a Friday to see if there was any chance it might have them in my size. Guy got back to me immediately, and I ordered them. He shipped them out that night, sent me a picture of them, then CALLED me, and we had an enjoyable chat about boots, Utah, alma maters, college football and heaven knows what else. Guy is a GREAT businessman, but he's an even BETTER human being. Looking for boots AND personal service? You, my friend, are in the right place at Lonestar Boots!

Cleveland, OH

Greg, Cleveland, OH

Guy, wanted to let you know that we received the boots on Saturday and they are a perfect fit. Thanks again for all of your help!
Have a great day.

Stephanie, Acme, PA

Hello Guy,

So the buckaroo boots arrived yesterday...couldn’t wait anymore :-)))
So thanks for the good service...
the boots are amazing...
So maybe you have a cheat how to get the boots on...the size fits but i have problems with the ankle between the black and brown leather area...
I can’t put them on....my wife tried but she couldn’t also put on the boots...but the size 8.5 fits...maybe you have an idea or cheat :-)))


Chris, Neubiberg, Germany


Got the Justin Black Desperado 8.5Ds yesterday. Perfect fit! Thank you for all your great help. You've got a customer for life.

Have a great weekend!



Greg, North Olmsted, OH

Guy just to give you an update...love my boots, you guys rock!



Jon, Royce City, TX

Hey Guy,
I got my boots today, I love them I'm glad I waited. Thanks for all of your help and great service. Next time I need a pair of boots I know exactly where to get them.

Rylan, Johnstown, PA

Hi Lonestar

I've just receive my boots this morning.

They are simply perfect , as i wanted.

Thank you very much and you can be sure that I'll order again if I'll need boots again.

Have a good day


Renaud, France

I never did get back with you but wanted you to know the boots got here in time and she loved them! Thanks for everything, I appreciate you keeping me informed on the progress of the order.


Chris, Topeka, KS

I received my back ordered boots today! You are simply the best I can't believe how great of service I received never would of expected this from an online store. You have a new loyal customer I am done buying my boots from anywhere else.
Thank you so much,

Jason, Arkansas City, KS

The return is being sent as directed via UPS.

Thanks for your professionalism and attention to customer service!
By the way I'm in receipt of the replacements!


Michael, Medera, CA

Hello! My boots were waiting for me when I got home. I love them they are gorgeous! Thank you so much and I appreciate all the work you did to get it here. I'm definitely order from you company again.


Leah, Ardmore, OK

I appreciate you getting back in touch. Can't wait to see them, thank you and I will be making all future purchases from your store. The customer service has been outstanding.


Jason, Fort Smith, AR

Ok Guy.....You've put quite the effort in and I appreciate that.

I wish every business shared your vision of customer service!



Mike, Houston, TX

Hi, I just wanted to personally thank y'all. I received my boots today and definitely in time for my wedding!

Thanks again for all your hard work, I will be sending all my family and friends your way!
God bless!


Gabrielle, Spring Lake, NC

I received the boots today that I ordered for my husband. They are absolutely beautiful and the quality is exquisite. Your costumer service department was wonderful on always getting back to me on the status of the boots. Gig'Em!


Linley, Dickenson, TX

Okay, thank you - looking forward to getting them. Please go ahead and send the 6.5 and charge my card. Thank you again - great customer service!

Grace, Pagosa Springs, CO

Hey Guy, thank you so much for everything you have done to help me! I really do appreciate it and I plan on giving a good review upon arrival of my boots. Thanks again for everything!


Mike, Ewing, NE

Hi - got my boots yesterday. The 6.5 fits fine - thank you for your advice on the size. Love the boots and appreciate the quick delivery.


P.S. Enjoy the Euros - will trade for some Texans if that appeals to you.

Grace, Pagosa Springs, CO

Just wanted to thank Guy for all his help with my boot order. Received them very quickly. You got a customer in me, send me emails and catalogs.


Chris, Socorro, NM

Hey guy got my boots Monday just wanted to say thanks everything was good they're really nice boots. It was nice doing business with you I'll give you a call when I need some more boots thanks

Danny, Clarkdale, AZ

Thanks so much! The new ones are beautiful but don't want to take the chance that they won't get delivered in time. I did find them on another site but not as good a price as yours. I would like to say that your customer service is outstanding! I will remember your site for future purchases!


Stephanie, San Clemente, CA


Thank you for looking for me. I think i will pass at this time though.

I did find it in an 8 at Clarks at half price but think that may be too big. I found it at another place for $164.

I like your attention to client and your help, so if I find one to order, I will certainly return to order from you.

I really appreciate your help.

Thank You.


Judy, Mt Vernon, WA

Got these "Bad Boys" about an hr. ago.... LOVE EM ! We will be doing business again my Friends :)


Joe, Waterbury, CT

Hey Guy,
FIVE STAR or 10 out of 10, either way this has been the BEST shopping/customer service experience I have ever encountered. The Twisted X boots arrived in five days and are terrific! Add your friendly and attentive service makes Lone Star my new boot store! I'll be spreading the good word about you. Well done!


William, morristown, TN

Thank you for all your help in resolving this so quickly. This is the sort of company I love dealing with, the ones who still care about the customer. I will spread this positive word. And I will be shopping with you again!!!! Hopefully for my wedding boots .

Debi, Waco, TX

Hi Guy!!
Just wanted to let you know that I got my boots today!!!
Thank you so much and thank you for all your help!!!
Have a great weekend!!
Dawn :)

Dawn, Houston, TX


Thanks for all your efforts. I had already looked at these boots. I have actually found a pair of the 2003 on ebay from a store in Alabama. I appreciate the extra mile you go to help your customers and will keep your information for any future purchases.

I hope you have a blessed holiday season.



BJ, Sherman, TX

Got my twisted x work boots today, awesome! should have tried them sooner! Thanks

Joe, Coonrapids, MN

Yessirree Bob!!! 1 package, all 3 pairs of boots – thanks!!! It’s a pleasure working with you and I appreciate your patience with all my harassment!!


Rexanne, Manning, IA

Dear Lonestar Boots, Thank you again for above and beyond great service. Your a great man.


Steve, Abilene, TX

Lonestar Boot Store,

Thanks so much for your follow up on this! I was able to find the boot somewhere else and it looks like it is available so far. This boot seems to be unavailable a lot of places, so we’ll see what happens. I don’t want to commit to a custom boot since I haven’t tried it on, but thanks for the offer to do that. If the other order falls thru, I will be back in contact with you.

Thanks for the great customer service….I will definitely use you again!


Karen, Carmel, IN

Thanks Lonestar Boots, The boots arrived yesterday and are perfect! A wonderful Christmas present indeed. Happy holidays and thank you again.


Nelson, Edinburg, TX

Lonestar Boots,
Unfortunately, my husband doesn't like the holes in the top of the boots. I will have to keep looking for something they like!

Thank you so much for the best customer service I have experienced in years. Most of the time, I can barely get people to actually answer a phone, and never would have imagined you would personally call to see what we wanted to do. I will certainly try my BEST to shop at your store!

Thank you so much,

Betsy, San Antonio, TX


I have received the beautiful pair of boots this evening. Thank you for keeping your eyes on the shipping. I appreciate you are a person of your words.


Ritsuko, Los Angeles, CA

The boots for my granddaughter arrived today, I'm sure she will love them. Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you going the extra mile to find us the boots she wanted. I had almost given up since that style has been discontinued, then I found your website and your awesome customer service. Thanks again Guy!!

Melody, Fayetteville, NC

Thank you for your honesty and for taking care of my transaction. I will definitely keep you in mind when I decide on my next pair of boots. Thank you again.

Best regards,


Michael, Raeford, NC

Thanks for your help.....will be back to shop at a later date....thank you for your kindness....it will be remembered!


Peggy, Nashville, TN

Thank you for your wonderful customer service Guy. I appreciate it!

Brittany, Phoenix, AZ

Thank you for your efforts in finding an alternative style to choose from. However, I am not interested in any of these at the moment but look forward to doing business with you again in the future.
Thank you

Jennifer, Paintesville, KY

Lonestar Boot Store

I really appreciate that. I'll definitely continue to browse your site.

Thank you for the great customer service.


Adam, Nashville, TN

Boots arrived:) YEA!! Thank you so much for all the hard work and effort! My bro in law is gonna be very happy!

"Keep it simple"

Amy, Noxon, MT

Dear Guy, 12/29/13

Thanks so much for your response to my email concerning the belt. My main reason for writing to you was to inform you of the issue. Since that you told me that you had a similar situation with your belt I see no reason to bother with another as it may happen again? I have purchased a new belt, not braided this time. Therefore, thank you for the offer but I think that I will pass on another of that kind. I do appreciate your thoughtfulness and concern showing me that you are an extremely good business man!!!

"Happy New Year" 2014.


Bill, Florida

Thank you so much for your help. These boots have exceeded my expectations and fit perfectly. My only complaint is that they are too nice for everyday use!

Anna, Sanger, CA

You folks are phenomenal on communication... Bought my boots here and there over 45 years. You now are my go to boot store.

Kirk, Sutton, Ontario Canada

My boots arrived, they are perfect, exactly as I expected. Thank you for you continuous updates and a pleasure to do business with you. Will be buying my next pair from Lonestar.
I will put a link to your store website on mine with a positive note this weekend...

Kirk, Sutton, Ontario Canada

You guys corrected your mistake(or the warehouse mistake) in record time. Great job! I was not expecting them before the weekend, i received them on friday. Just in time for the Stock yard parade in down town Ft. Worth I will be attending. Thank you so much, they fit perfect and look great.

Casey, Roanoke, TX

Thank you for your honesty ! That is the American value ! I worship it !!!
I will buy again from your comp.
Best Wish !

Antony, Gordon, NE

Thank you for getting back to us. Miss Lynda will be very pleased to receive her boots. She has been looking forward to them now that she can wear boots again after 3 1/2 yrs of paralysis. Our ranch is in the sand hills of N/E Colorado and we wear tall boots and carry .45 Peace Makers because of the occasional run-in with the Prairie Rattler. You have been a big help and a pleasure to do business with. If it’s OK, I will more than likely make my next boot purchase through you.

Thanks again,


RT, Holyoke, CO

Thank you so much for your great business ethic. I am impressed. I received the refund we discussed and I really appreciate it.


Dan, Roswell, GA

Thanks for the awesome service, ya'll definitely have my future business.
Thanks. Joel

Joel, Frierson, LA


Yes, that was my super husband! I've been out of the loop, helping my parents, and he's holding down the fort at home. I truly appreciate and understand totally about the boots! I just KNEW you were a good bunch of folks when I saw you are in Utah....one of my most favorite states! I appreciate the fantastic customer service and I'm looking forward to getting my boots just in time for some nasty weather in Alabama....then going home to Texas, ASAP!

Treating me the way you have, you have made a loyal customer! After I get home, I'll look at what you have again and order something in lieu of the pair "we" couldn't get. Once again, thanks for being so great!

Most sincerely,

Lindsay, Anniston, AL

Thanks for staying in touch with through the process. I really appreciate it.


Andy, Abingdon, VA

Sorry I missed your call, I was at the ranch and service is scarce out there. I appreciate the heads up on the boot order, and thanks for all your help. I will definitely send any business I can, your way.

Thanks Again

Wade, Colorado City, TX

We got the boots for my son. I thank you so much for the help you gave us. The boots are awesome and perfect size.
Thanks again for your kindness.

Sean, Hayden, ID

Outstanding!! That was fast. Many thanks. Customer for life!
So refreshing to find real service again.

William, Evans, GA

Just wanted to thank you for the prompt shipping of my boots! They feel like I'm wearing bedroom slippers....very comfortable! hanks to the Twisted X folks for making a great work boot!

Eric, Rougemont, NC

I got my boots last Thursday. It was worth the wait. Thanks for the time in getting me these made to order boots from Justin.

Don, Plantation, FL

I got the boots today. They are a fantastic boot. Look great and fit/feel even better. Thanks for letting me know I wouldn't need the 11.5EE!

Blaine, Morton, IL

My gratitude is deserved Guy. You called me and returned my emails. And got me what I wanted.

The retail world has forgotten this. Again... Many thanks

Blaine, Morton, IL

Thank you
I will definitely order some more boots from you. I like your site and your great service

Paul, Cape Town, Western Cape, AFRICA

Thank you again! I am actually on your site now looking at boots. I would also like to commend you on you customer service! I have years of experience in customer service and it is not often you are treated so well.

Thank you again,


Glenda, Zanesville, OH

When I find something I like, I really try to stay hooked up. I have been married for over 30 years and have worn Justin boots for almost as long. About 10 years ago I came across a specific style of double stitched ostrich that fit like a glove and I have since purchased a new pair every 2 years. They migrate by usage and wear from Church boots, to daily wear, to chore boots - I have found it hard to give up on them. I had thought the relationship was over as Justin had recently retired the model, but I found help in a company called Lone Star out in Moab. Guy did everything that he said that he would and in this era that is as hard to find as was my model 7284 Justin?s.

Rick, Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Hi Guy, just wanted to let you know the boots came today and my very picky husband loves them!!
thanks for your help and prompt service !! i will recommend you to all my friends!
Many thanks Sue

Susan, Edgerton, OH

Got them, and have worn them for a week, there great. Actually told someone else where I bought them from. Thanks for the boots and the help.


Nick, Lake Hughes, CA

So everything being equal, I would like to purchase as discussed and thank you for your personal attention. Trust me I will let other people know about the excellent service Lonestar Boot Store has given me.

Thanks Guy you have a customer for life here

Thank you again Sir.

Bruce, LaPlace, LA

Guy, I want to thank you for your amazing customer service regarding my husband's boots. They arrived this week and he says they are wonderful and much better than his previous pair. I really appreciate your communication on during the process of getting them made. We will certainly a try to use your company again in the future.


Betsy, San Antonio, TX 78258 US

I appreciate you looking into my request and getting back with me in such a timely manner, Kudos!
At this time I am not seeking an interest in another boot.
I will continue to check in on your website, I highly enjoy your products and your customer service is outstanding.
Best Regards
Roger a satisfied customer!

Roger, ?? America

Just wanted you to know I received my boots yesterday. They were exactly what I wanted, they fit well, feel good & are made in the USA. I appreciate your advise in the selection of the boots.

Gene, Shreveport, LA

Hi Guy,

The pair off Nocona boots is in the house, YES. They look great. I'm very happy with them. Thanks.
My thanks for your helpfulness and good service. I will definitely keep your shop in my mind. Super!

See the attachments :-)



Frenck, Boxmeer, Netherlands

Great news, he LOVED the boots, as far as he is concerned they're the same exact boot! So on that note I would like to purchase another pair! Are they on the site, or can I just purchase them through you? :)


Joe and Bonnie, Bangor, MI

Hello Guy, Thanks for your fast response. Hey those 5131 boots will work for me if you have them in a 10D. Looks like the price is the same, if not, let me know. Thanks again, nice to hear from someone running their business from the USA.


Roy, Fennimore, WI

Guy, thank you so much for being so helpful and easy to deal with.

At first I was skeptical about ordering from Lonestar again after the first purchase, because I thought the return/exchange was going to be difficult..

But once I sent the email you have been more than helpful and accommodating and I will definitely order from you again in the future!

Have a great day!


Terri, Princeton, WV

Guy, Received boots and met all my expectations. A well made, in the USA pair of boots that fit great.


Roy, Oak Island, NC

Whew - I'm so glad I caught a pair of the brown ones before they were gone, at least! I needed new dancing boots STAT & I don't know what I would've done if I would've had to wait 60-90 days! lol

Thanks for the bday wishes! And seriously, I couldn't BELIEVE how fast the boots got to my house, but it was awesome to see them arrive so quickly!

Well I definitely appreciate that y'all take the extra effort, and I'm sure I'm not the only one! I guess y'all would just need to know what size I wear in the Justin boots, right? Because that's a whole size different than what I wear in tennis shoes or other shoes.....

I'll let you know when I'm ready to order them....thanks again sooooo much for everything! Wish your store was closer to me; I'd shop there for everything I could (& encourage others to do the same!) based on your customer service alone....it makes a HUGE difference & I will always support amazing service!

Heather, San Antonio, TX

Thanks a million Guy
I look forward to getting them
I will definitely get my next pair from you


Jack, Chicago, IL

Guy - Just got home after being on the road for a stretch to find my boots there. Thanks again for your help and the superb service. I will definitely be a return customer. You are my go-to boot store!

Jack, Chicago, IL

omg my boots came today and they fit like a pair of slippers ! Love them ! Thank you so much for all the help and such a smooth transaction !

Thanks again

Deb, North Clarendon, VT

Hello Guy,

Received my Justin Boots today. They're really great! I would like to thank you for the great service and the effort you were willing to make!

Best regards,


Marc, Simpelveld, Netherlands

Hi Mark, good to heard and posted your comments to our site.

Please keep us in mind next time around, will do our best as usual.


Mark, Sterling, VA

I have them in the house. Man do they look great. One word: AWESOME!!!

And As always your service is the best 200%. Business for life!

Nocona MD8604: fitting, the look, super.

For a next time, I'll know to find you :-)

Greetz, Frenck

Frenck, Boxmeer, Netherlands

Wow. What service!!! I could get used to this.


Aubrey, Whitehouse, TX

I just received the Nocona boots I ordered just a few days ago. They are exactly what I was looking for and at a really great price. And your shipping is very fast.

Lonestar Boot Store will be my first stop for my next pair of boots.



Bill, Margate, FL

Hi Guy,
Just wanted to let you know that I have my AMAZING boots!!!! As I had mentioned, there was an error at the Canadian Customs end; Once sorted it out, I just had to pay our local taxes. They were picked up on Friday.

I just want to thank you soooo much for all your help with this. You were a friendly, patient (even when I wasn't) and calm voice that came through as promised. Your assistance exceeded my expectation. I feel so lucky and fortunate to be sporting these beauties-they are GORGEOUS!!!! Thank you again...we will definitely do business with you in the near future.

Customer always! Kathy

Kathy, Vernon, BC

Thanks Guy! Because of the personal way you do business with your clients, I will always come back to you first before looking anywhere else and i will defiantly recommend you to my friends! I so appreciate your personal touch!
Thanks again! Kathy

Kathy, Lander, WY

I just wanted to THANK YOU for your help with the boots. I got them and absolutely love them! They are perfect. I can't wait to give them to my fiance on Christmas! Thank you for everything and I hope you have a Merry Christmas!


Sara, Danbury, IA

I got my custom ordered boots today and just wanted to say thank you. The service you provide me to get a discontinued pair of Justin boots made was top notch. This is the second pair of discontinued boots you have made for me and I love them both.
Thank you much, Kevin

Kevin, Mackinaw, IL


Lonestarbootstore.com is the first online shopping boutique I have ever encountered which actually created an outrageously amazing shopping experience for me. I ordered a beautiful leather bible cover as a Christmas present for my Grandmother. I bought this for her as a way to encourage her to get herself back to Church after my Grandfather passed away a year ago. Unfortunately, I waited a little to long to order and receiving the package before the holiday seemed to be impossible. Lonestarbootstore.com let me know about the issue and the time frame. When I told them my story, Guy of lonestarbookstore.com, took action. Somehow, he managed to make some calls and pull some favors. He got the order shipped just in time for the holidays. My grandmother is now back in Church every Sunday with her beautiful western bible cover, which she loves to (subtlety) show off. I cannot thank Guy and the team over at lonestarbootstore.com enough for reaching through the quiet action of the internet and letting me know that there are still awesome people in our world. Lonestartbootstore.com is ready and willing to treat every customer and their situation with dignity and respect.

For all of that, I thank you.

Eric and Millie

Eric and Millie, Riverside CA

The boots finally made their way to Huntsville. Scott says the men's size 10 are fine, so I guess we are good to go. Both he and Ashley think the Vanderbilt boots are a great gift. Thank you so very much for your patience as we worked out the men's boots size issue. I am grateful and would recommend your store to anyone who is looking for a western boot.
Mary Jo

Mary Jo, Redlands, CA

Lone Star is the best place to buy!
Guy is great. He went out of his way to make me a happy customer and I will buy from Lone Star again.......soon Thanks Jimmy

Jimmy, Ravenswood, WV

Hello Guy,

We picked up my hubby's boots yesterday…WOW!!!!! They are gorgeous!!! Once again, thank you for your incredible customer service!!! We will always purchase our boots through you!

Till next time!

Kathy, Vernon, BC


We received the boots last week, they are the best looking ostrich boots I've seen. Thank you so much for all of your help!


Nicole, Montgomery, TX

Guy, thank you so much. This is the fasted resolution I have ever encountered. Kudos to your company. You just got me as a regular customer now. Again thanks!!!!

Cindy, Tuscaloosa, AL

Dear Guy:
The Justin Techno Crepe boots have arrived and look great. I wore them to teach in on Thursday with delight. Faculty and students noticed and commented. Thank you for helping me with the special order when other retailers (brick or online) would not. I am very pleased with my boots and have shared your name with 200 students so far.

Michael, Arlington, TX

Hello Guy

I've just driven to the depot in Inverness to collect the parcel you sent over. The boots are SO cool and they are a good fit!!!

Many thanks for your help - I'll be showing them off to everyone at the yard (barn) tomorrow!

With very best wishes from Scotland,


Barbara, Scotland

I ordered some boots that weren't available in my size and I was personally called to get it resolved. I have never felt like a more valued customer and couldn't believe the exceptional customer service that Lonestar provides! My boots fit perfectly and I received them much sooner than expected. This is an extraordinary company that gained a very loyal customer!

Kelli, Erie, CO

Thank you so much for your time. My son is very impressed in the way you do business and plans on doing business with you for now on



Jackie, Filley, NE

I called several places looking for a pair of Justin 3112 ropers. Everyone including the local Justin dealer I've dealt with for 25 years said they aren't available and Justin won't custom make them. Then I called Guy. Lo and behold 4 months later the 3112's were at my doorstep. They fit great and look great. What great customer service. You guys are the best!

Pat, Santa Maria, CA

Hello, I just wanted to let you know I received my boots yesterday, and the fit!!!! thank you very much, now do you have any Tony Lama's Ostrich, possibly half quill, and I had a pair that was blue jean colored ? Please let me know, thank again for all of your help,

Betty, Fresno, CA

She loves the boots and they arrived in time for the game. I really appreciate your willingness to jump in and help get this straightened out.
Great customer service!

Ken, Athens, GA

Guy: I received my boots and couldn't be more pleased. The quality, price, and the service I received from you was awesome. I will highly recommend you and Lonestar Boot store to my friends and relatives.

Thanks again,

Ken, Newberg, OR

The boots just arrived via FedEx. They look great and fit perfectly.
I really appreciate all your help. The service was awesome. I will be back with you in the fall for a black pair just like them. I have a family and friends who rodeo and will be referring them to your site.
Feel free to use this as an endorsement for Lonestar boots.

Alan, Gallatin, TN

Boots have been received in excellent condition and fit just fine. Thanks for your great service and effort in filling my need for boots. When I need more footwear, you will be considered as a preferred vendor.
Thanks again, Ernie

Ernie, Madrid, NE

The Tony Lama Renegade Backaroo boots were exactly as advertised! Great price, great fit, and they look good. I also liked that I had them less than a week after I ordered them. I’ll be coming back to you when it’s time to get my son new boots.
Thanks again, Mark

Mark, Moore, Ok

I don’t have anywhere local to shop for good western style boots, so I had to look online. I prefer to shop with “mom & pop” stores as opposed to the “big box retailers” and that can be risky (if that’s the right way to put it) online. Well, I couldn’t be happier that I found Lone Star Boot Store. They had the boots I wanted and the best price of all the sites I viewed. I placed my order and the shipping was quick. The store and checkout were easy to navigate and hassle free to use, the shipping was fast and free (what more can you ask for). I didn’t have the boots for very long, long enough that they showed nominal signs of wear though. I wore them in some snow and the leather foot (they’re waterproof by the way) didn’t like it, though that was a manufacture problem not Lone Star Boots (they didn’t make them). I emailed Guy and explained the situation and he was more than happy to work with me. I sent the boots back and I didn’t know what to expect, since they were worn . . . let’s just say Guy made a lifetime customer of me. He contacted Dan Post and Dan Post replaced the boots for me (and they shipped quick & free). The boots are the most comfortable pair I’ve worn and they look great and I got lucky that I found a great place to shop for my boots. I will always shop Lone Star Boot Store and I will recommend them highly to my friends and anyone else in need of the products they sell; they are a fantastic store to do business with and Guy is top notch to deal with (THANK YOU GUY!)

Tom, Levittown, PA